GingerBeard’s Preserves gets a makeover

GingerBeard’s Preserves is proud to showcase its fresh new look just in time for the Christmas season.

Star of the jar

We have gone for a clean and modern look, featuring big bold lettering for the product name. This means that the product name is eye-catching and highly visible from a distance.

Previously, it hasn’t always been clear what the product was so we’ve made sure that all the key ingredients and product category are clear and concise.

Keep it local

For this label refresh, we worked with local marketing agency, the Group of Seven, a “devilishly good” design and content agency in Bristol & Devon. We met agency director and owner, Jason, at the start of the year who came to us with his initial vision for the brand and the label and, although we considered a few other design ideas the team presented, this initial vision was pretty much what we went with. 

Once our labels were all beautifully packaged up, we went to our local printers Bristol Labels who made sure that what looked great on screen also looked great on paper.

Finally, for our photography we worked with the Group of Seven since they had designed our labels, it felt right to go to them to put our products in the best light. We also worked with Jean-Phillipe Baudet of Faydit Photography whom we’ve collaborated with for a long time and wanted to keep that partnership going.

A welcome change

It has been a few weeks now since we launched our refreshed labels and the feedback has been unanimous from customers and stockists, the look is more modern, consistent and generally looks great!

We certainly love them so we’re pleased we aren’t the only ones.


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