GingerBeard’s Preserves is a company based in Bristol.

We are all about making awesome tasting, award-winning craft preserves.

GingerBeard’s Preserves - Est.2014

GingerBeard’s Preserves was founded in a one-bed basement flat in Montpellier, Bristol in 2014 by Harry Calvert and Claire Charras. The mission is to bring our awesome tasting preserves and sauces to the people of Bristol and beyond. We are a small batch and independent, now producing around 60,000 units a year by hand in our unit in Kingswood, Bristol.

Our products

As well as our traditional style jams, chutneys and marmalades, we produce a range of craft preserves and sauces ranging across several categories from hot sauce to mustard. We collaborate with a wide range of companies in the food & drinks industry, especially breweries. We pair their beers with carefully selected ingredients to create unique products with great depth and flavour. We currently produce 54 different products forged to complement cuisines from around the world.

We hope you enjoy!

Harry & Claire 

Customers Reviews

Our awards

Hot Tomatillo Salsa
Seville Orange Marmalade
Pale Ale & Juniper Mustard
Cinder Toffee Mustard BBQ Sauce
Porter Pickled Eggs
Cranberry, Apple & Walnut Chutney
Original Lime Pickle
Hot Mango Chutney
Fermented Scotch Sriracha
Pineapple & Gin Chilli Jam
Sweet 'n' Hot Lime Pickle
Sweet 'n' Hot Lime Pickle
Original Lime Pickle
Original Mango Chutney
Bloody Mary Tomato Salsa
Garlic Pickle
Chipotle Ketchup
Milk Stout Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Habanero Hot Sauce
Jalapeno Loco
Chilli, Apple & Cider Jelly
Beer, Bacon & Chilli Jam
Gingerbread Satay
Pale Ale & Juniper Mustard
Hot Beetroot & Horseradish Relish
Ale & Chilli Piccalilli
Hop Salt
Best Local Preserves 2018
Pale Ale & Juniper Mustard
Pale Ale & Juniper Mustard
Best Local Pickles & Condiments 2016
Habanero Hot Sauce
Original Mexican BBQ Sauce
Chipotle Ketchup
Sweet Chilli & Limoncello Sauce
Banana Ketchup
Original Lime Pickle
Sweet Chilli & Limoncello Sauce
Chipotle Ketchup
Ultimate stout BBQ Sauce
Chocolate Stout Plum chipotle Jam
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