Collab Shout Out: Moor Beer Co

Part of our Collab Shout Series

Moor Beer was one of the very first breweries to trust us to make something awesome with their beer. Set-up in 2007, Moor pioneered the naturally hazy, unfined beer movement firmly believing that adding isinglass finings (fish guts) to beer is unnecessary and harmful.

To date, our Chipotle Ketchup made with their dark and luscious Porter is one of our best sellers. The porter adds a bittersweet depth to the already spicy and smoky flavour. It goes amazingly with steak and chips.  It has also gone on to win several awards!

Since then, we got to know Justin and the rest of the team and we have gone on to produce our hottest sauce in our range, the Ghost Pepper Fusion Hot Sauce made with Moor Beer’s Fusion, an Old Ale aged in Somerset cider brandy barrels. Like the beer, this hot sauce is only produced once a year. The Ghost chillies and habaneros are lightly smoked over oak to complement the Fusion. In bonus, the Ghost chillies are grown locally by the Wicked Chilli. It has a really special flavour, but warning, it is very hot!

Finally, the Christmas special that is the Old Freddy Walker Cranberry Sauce made with Moor’s Old Freddy Walker, maybe we should have named it cranbeery sauce! The Old Ale (breezy 7.3% abv) brings deep and rich flavours which, combined with the tart cranberries, creates something really awesome!

Available online, at selected stockists and at Moor Beer’s Bristol Tap Room.

Moor Beer Tap Room: Days Road, Bristol, BS2 0QS


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