Collab Shout Out: Otomi

Louse and Harry in front of hot sauces shelf in Otomi
Inside Otomi
Part of our Collab Shout Series
We first walked into Otomí because we LOVE Mexican food. 🇲🇽
While GingerBeard’s Preserves was still in its infancy, Harry was working in a restaurant opposite Otomi in Clifton. Otomi is an importer & retailer of Mexican goods in Clifton Village, Bristol who started in 2006. 
We got to know owners Alex and Louise, and one thing led to another, we decided to make a hot sauce together.
The hot sauce was developed in Alex and Louise’s home kitchen, and after a quick video call to Alex’s mum in Mexico to ask some important regional cuisine questions, the Habanero Hot Sauce was born! 
This sauce is packed full of habaneros and has a great fresh flavour and is the perfect ingredient to spice up your Mexican feasts. This is a great all-around, everyday hot sauce which to this day is one of our best-sellers and has won multiple awards. 
You can grab yourself a bottle here or go and visit the beautiful shop that is Otomi. Visit their website for more information.
Otomi address:
4 Boyce’s Ave, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AA

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