Collab Shout Out: Arbor Ales

Part of our Collab Shout Series

No tour of Bristol would be complete without a sip of one’s of the city’s craftiest beers.

Established since 2007, Arbor Ales‘s fresh beers (and at times sneakily strong – yes I’m looking at you Rocketman), complement two of our products: a true favourite, our one-of-a-kind Beer, Bacon and Chilli Jam and our 2021 limited edition Mango Milkshake IPA Hot Sauce.

Like kindred spirits, Arbor Ales never shying away from trying out new ideas, and have an extensive back catalogue of recipes covering a vast array of styles and ABVs. Replace ABVs with Scoville and that’s basically GingerBeard’s Preserves in a nutshell! 

The Beer, Bacon and Chilli Jam really needs no introduction. The beer: Breakfast Stout, the bacon: free-range, locally sourced, the chilli: cascabel. All this combined creates something special that is fantastic on burgers and anything that includes melted cheese.  We aren’t the only ones that think that either as it has gone on to be awarded Gold at the Taste of the West 2019 awards and Silver at the National Chilli Awards 2022. 

Our limited edition Mango Milkshake IPA Hot Sauce was brewed especially for us on Arbor Ales’ pilot brew kit! We’ve added heaps of fresh mangoes and a few cheeky habaneros. With a medium heat, this smooth sauce works a treat with kebabs, tacos and salads! 

Available online and at selected stockists.


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