Beer Bacon & Chilli Jam

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Beer, bacon and chilli jam…need we say more? We have combined Arbor Ales’ breakfast stout with free range bacon and cascabel chillies to create a delicious medium spiced jam with bits of bacon and smoky, nutty undertones. Serving suggestions: eat directly out of the jar and top on everything.

Winner of the National Chilli Silver Award 2022

Chilli Jam Category Winner of the National Chilli Award 2022 

Winner of Taste of the West Gold 2019

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Good with

  • Burgers – Cheese Boards – Sandwiches – Directly from the Jar –

Winner of the National Chilli Silver Award 2022

Chilli Jam Category Winner of the National Chilli Award 2022 

Winner of Taste of the West Gold 2019

In collaboration with Arbor Ales


onion, beer (water, malted barley, oats, wheat, hops, yeast) (14%), red wine vinegar (Sulphur Dioxide), bacon (10%), granulated sugar, dark brown sugar, cascabel chilli (3%), garlic, chilli powder (1%), vegetable oil

Allergy info

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Storage info

Check best base for before date, store in a cool dry place. Once open keep refrigerated and use within three months.


Made by a man with a ginger beard in Bristol, UK

Weight 385 g


Nutrition Per 100g
Energy 816kj      194kcal
Fat 3.9g
of which saturates 1.2g
Carbohydrate 34.7g
of which sugars 32.6g
Protein 2.4g
Salt 0.52g

37 reviews for Beer Bacon & Chilli Jam

  1. Wendy B. (verified owner)

  2. Jonny Watts (verified owner)

    Extremely glad I went for the kilo. Delicious!!

  3. Derek G. (verified owner)

    I took a chance and bought a 1 kg jar of this – it’s lovely – not too hot, and you can taste the bacon, with a lovely beery aftertaste.

  4. Clare M. (verified owner)

    The jar is enormous!!! Bought in a small version at a Christmas market this was loved by all so buying this seemed the way to go. Lovely kilner jar so can be reused .. show a photo to highlight this and I would divide up the website into sections ie pickles, gift sets, jams etc to make the website easier and quicker to navigate. With a son with a ‘ginger beard’ we will be back, highly recommend.

  5. DIANE L. (verified owner)

    Son in law loves it, he’s happy I’m happy. Excellent customer service thank you

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Liam B. (verified owner)

  8. JP Gorman (verified owner)

  9. Lorna Weeks (verified owner)

    Just liked the sound of this, hope son will let me try some.

  10. Mark F. (verified owner)

  11. Bonnie C. (verified owner)

    So tasty and a bit different

  12. Rose S. (verified owner)

  13. Tom Wild (verified owner)

    Amazing. I will carry on buying this until the day I die.

  14. Patrick (verified owner)

    Second time ordering this. It’s flipping marvellous. I keep eating it straight from the jar and, like last time, I can’t see it lasting long.

  15. Paul (verified owner)

    Really tasty , would highly recommend.

  16. geoff (verified owner)

    Really tasty, smoky and rich. Great stuff!

  17. Hew (verified owner)

  18. Scott G. (verified owner)

    so good!!!!

  19. Rachael Russell (verified owner)

    On to second jar of this now and it’s amazing, definitely adds a big flavour to our summer bbqs and burgers

  20. amelia pace (verified owner)

    Absolute FAVE!!!!

  21. Gita (verified owner)

    Doesn’t last long in this house.

  22. Richard (verified owner)

  23. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing, hubby and father in law very happy

  24. Cat (verified owner)

  25. Deborah Harris (verified owner)

    Simply tremendous! A genius combo

  26. Patrick Walker (verified owner)

    This is astonishing. I’ve not tasted any preserve quite like it in my life. I’ve had it for two days and it’s almost gone. Goes with anything. Very highly recommended. Can’t say much more but just try it!

  27. Monica M. (verified owner)

    Incredible flavour, goes with absolutely everything!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Since receiving a GingerBeard’s Preserves gift set for Christmas, the Beer Bacon & chilli jam has become a family favorite. We love it with cheeses, in burgers and even on its own with a spoon 😊

  29. Sophie C. (verified owner)

    Love this beer bacon and chilli jam, my second order and is very enjoyable with a variety of foods!

  30. Juliet Seales (verified owner)

    Since trying this, we never put any other relish on our burgers. Family of 4 – all in unanimous agreement – it’s amazing and a perfect match!

  31. Emma Salaman (verified owner)

    Someone bought us a jar of this for Christmas and it was so good we devoured it in days. We had to order some more! You will want this on everything.

  32. Jem (verified owner)

    Amazing yumminess and tastes absolutely delicious. Great service

  33. rickysmith (verified owner)

    What can I say. Sounds like a strange combination but it work, it REALLY works.
    As it says on the jar, goes with everything, even by itself.
    So moreish, its now a must have in my cupboard.

    Do not ever stop producing this.

  34. Whutom88

    Absolutely delicious. Had this with a pork sandwich, and is literally great straight from the jar.

  35. Whutom88

    absolutly delious had this with a pork sandwich

  36. Hannah

    Honestly the best compliment to cheese/a spoon that I’ve ever tasted!

  37. Scott

    Beer, bacon and chili jam. Take a moment to say that phrase aloud and let those words resonate whilst you reflect back…

    Yes. You did say it. Beer AND bacon. Two of the finest things present right now on this pale blue dot peacefully coexisting, suspended, within a glass jar.

    This actually exists and yes – it is as good as it sounds.

    I would suggest giving it a try on toasted cheese. “Worcester sauce? Whut’s that..?” you’ll say…and just like it says on the jar; you’ll find yourself with a fork munching it straight from the jar at some point in time.

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