New product release: Buffalo Hot Sauce

A Hot Sauce for Cowboys! 

It was certainly a lot of fun having Danny from Los Hermanos Combinados join us in the production kitchen on April morning. Los Hermanos Combinados are a Bristol street-food van making fried chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and waffles fries.  Danny had got in touch because he’d been using a big brand buffalo hot sauce and was looking for something unique to serve with their food. It doesn’t take a lot to convince Harry that a new hot sauce in the range is a good idea as you might have noticed and we didn’t have anything like a buffalo hot sauce available. 

Despite not having had his first coffee of the day, Danny got stuck into cooking, developing and tasting different versions of our buffalo hot sauce – not to mention different aged chillies. We tried various chillies, chilli heats of the stuff, numbed our taste buds a little and nearly blew off Darren & Claire’s heads off. It was a fun day! 

We are really happy with our final version and we hope that you’ll enjoy as much as us! 


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