National Chilli Awards 2023 Winners

GingerBeard’s Preserves, a small independent producer of condiments, sauces and hot sauces based in Bristol brings back three awards in this year’s National Chilli Awards.

GingerBeard’s Preserves is all about making awesome tasting, award-winning products and not surprisingly, they are made by made with a man with ginger beard.

This year’s winners were:

🥈  Jalapeno Loco, Silver
Category: Mild Chilli Sauce
The judges said: “The flavour reflects the aroma well and the use of mint is clever whilst balanced. A good, mildly spiced sauce.”

🥉 Buffalo Hot Sauce, Bronze
Category: Medium Chilli Sauce
The judges said: “Good pepper aroma and colour suggesting a wing-style sauce. The heat was well balanced.”

🥉  Hot Mango Chutney, Bronze
Category: Chilli Pickle / Chutney
The judges said: “Nice chunks of mango and a good take on an Indian style mango chutney. Very fruity from the mango with a nice level of chilli heat from the Ghost Pepper. “

View the full results of the National Chilli Awards 2023 here:


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