Meet the Maker

This is Harry. He’s the man with the ginger beard making awesome tasting, award-winning craft preserves.
Harry started GingerBeard’s Preserves back in 2014 making just a handful of lines from his home kitchen. Some of these are still around today like the Chipotle Ketchup, Habanero Hot Sauce and the Original Lime Pickle and have gone on to become our bestsellers and award-winners.
Harry has carefully crafted and developed each and every one of the recipes, many of which are made in collaboration with breweries or local Bristol businesses.
Although our production has scaled up since 2014, everything is still made by hand by Harry. You will also find him more often than not behind a market stall on the weekend!
If you want find out more, do give Mark Taylor’s feature in the Bristol Post (Aug 2022) a read:

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