Collab Shout Out: Nutcessity

Part of our Collab Shout Series
After a brief pause in our collab shout-out series over Easter, we are back!
Next-up is the one and only, nut butter maker extraordinaire Nutcessity !
We met Mike (founder and owner of Nutcessity) through Bristol’s small producers’ circuit and its available markets. As you do when you’re hopping from leg to the other behind a stall, you get chatting. Could you say that Mike is nuts about (tree) nuts? Yeah, probably. Like us, Mike is passionate about what he makes.
One thing you need to know about Mike is that he’s allergic to peanuts so when we started talking about making a satay together, it was never going to be your run of the mill, peanut satay that you would usually find. No, no, no we went all out and used his Gingerbread Almond Organic Tree Nut Butter; combined with creamed coconut, lime and some fresh and dried spices, it gave us this fantastic sauce that can be used as a dip or as a curry paste. 
Again, because of who we’ve collaborated with on this one, the Gingerbread Satay is vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar and of course… peanut-free.
Mike is running a business, not just out of love of food but also out of conviction that business can be good for the soul, society and for the planet. Nutcessity is certified organic and supports a number of charities including Frank Water and One Life One Tree
While we have the floor, we also want to take this opportunity to say a massive congratulations to Lucie (Bath Culture House) and Mike who have not long got engaged! Yaaayyy you guys! 

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