Collab Shout Out: Independent Spirit of Bath

Part of our Collab Shout Series
This little shop right in the centre of Bath is packed to the brim with beers, gin, whiskeys, rum, cider, meads and wines each carefully selected by the owners. 
Independent Spirit of Bath combines over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the cocktail and specialist drinks world under one roof.
Chris Scullion and Christian Morrish (pictured with Harry), now known as purveyors of fine booze and bad influences, met in Bath in late 2011, with a shared passion for premium mixed drinks and specialist spirits combined with an inability to find a place that sold what they wanted. This started the train of thought that evolved to become Independent Spirit of Bath. 
The guys at Independent Spirit follow a simple ethos of sourcing products that excite, engage and educate their customers. As you can tell from our wide range of preserves, we get pretty excited about great products too! 
After sharing a few beers with Chris in some of our usual Bristol haunts many years, and chatting away about whisky and hot sauces, it got us thinking! Sriracha was gaining popularity at the time, and we fancied trying our hand at making one. 
Of course we wouldn’t just be making a straight-forward sriracha! This exciting twist uses the Independent Spirit of Bath’s specially selected single malt Scotch whisky to ferment chillies to create this unique Sriracha with a boozy kick. Ideal for stir-fries, meat, eggs and Bloody Marys. 
Why not grab yourself a bottle at Independent Spirit of Bath and browse through their wonderful shop!
Where to find them: 7 Terrace Walk, Bath BA1 1LN

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